Foundation cathedral church St. Blasius in Braunschweig

managemet: Landeskirchenamt department 30 PO box 1664, 38286 Wolfenbüttel

legal representative in situ: cathedral deanJoachim Hempel

In 1954 the « Stiftung Domkirche St. Blasius zu Braunschweig » became owner of the cathedral with all its works of art, due to the state church contract between the land Lower Saxony and the regional church in Brunswick.
The cathedral foundation is managed by the « Landeskirchenamt ». It has as well its own budget as a post plan and is resposible for the maintenance of the building. This foundation is the legal representative of the cathedral and the guarantor of the basic conditions for ecclesiastical work.
One of its tasks is the administration of the cathedral church yard and further buildings as there are: the house of the « Domsingschule », house for the cathedral organists and cantors, house of the cemetary gardener.