The organ in Brunswick cathedral St. Blasius

In 1962 Fa. Karl Schuke (Berlin), new-intonation and rebuilding in 2003 by Fa, Hartwig Spät (Freiburg). The organ had been built in 1961/62 in the organ workshop of Karl Schuke in Berlin with 55 sounding registers on 4 manuals and pedal.

Die organ im Dom St. Blasii zu Braunschweig




excerpt from the commemorative publication on the occasion of the organ's consecration in 1962:

the organ's design (PDF)
the organ and its history (PDF)

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pictures of the organ

pictures of the organ

pictures of former organs

Romantic Furtwängler and hammer organ (1901-1939)
Romantic Furtwängler and hammer organ (1901-1939)

Furtwängler und Hammer-organ mit verändertem Prospekt und Zinkpfeifen (1939-1962)
Furtwängler and Hammer-organ (1939-1962)

organentwurf von 1942 (kriegsbedingt nicht ausgeführt)
model of an organ 1942 (not acieved because of the war)