court and cathedral churchyard

After the ducal court had returned to Brunswick (after 1671) a new funeral place had to be found for the court 's family , as there was no churchyard any longer beside the cathedral. They were given an area « Vor dem Steinthore » near Magni churchyard and they began to build a churchyard in parkform, early18th century's style . In this cathedral churchyard the members of the court, court theatre, university and of various organisations of the district are buried. So the cathedral churchyard has become the funeral place for famous Brunswick citizens, among others Lessing, Westermann, Huch and Vieweg. Together with Magni churchyard it has become a green oasis at the outskirts of the city centre. (entrance: Gerstäckerstr.).

Since years the chapel has been used by the Greek-Orthodox parish; they offer services every two weeks.

Die chaedral church yardskapelle


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a blue flowery sea
a blue flowery sea

Carl Theodor Ottmer's tomb
( responsible for construction 
on the cucal court )
Carl Theodor Ottmer's tomb
(responsible for construction on the ducal court)