Foundation for the maintenance of the building

Domplatz 5, 38100 Braunschweig chief executive of the board: dean Cornelia Götz

In 2005 the « Dombaustiftung » was founded to generate revenues for the maintenance of the building and to co-finance projects regardless of church tax yield.

The following persons have been appointed to curators:

Mr. Gerhard Eckels
Minister of education Mrs.Elisabeth Heister-Neumann
Mr. Wolfgang Gropper
Mr. Rainer Hlubek
Mr. Dr. Ing. Wilfried Lochte
Mr. Prof. Dr. Jochen Luckhardt
Mrs. Gunhild Salbert
Mrs. Gabriela Schimmel-Radmacher
Bishop of the regional church Prof. Dr. Friedrich Weber
Mrs. Dr. Annette Winkler
Mr. Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Walther Zimmerli


canon ball in the east side of the cathedral

Kanonenkugel in der Ostseite des Doms