Cathedral cantor Gerd-Peter Münden

Gerd-Peter Münden


leadership of the cathedral symphony orchestra and the cathedral concerts

regular groups:

« Kurrende » I & II, youth singing group, cathedral choir, cathedral symphony orchestra

resposibilities concerning concerts:

concerts with the cathedral choir, cathedral symphony orchestra, cathedral singing school, organ concerts, management, external concerts

further responsibilities:

planning and carrying out of the various services, playing the organ during the daily 5-minute evening prayer, prayer with music on Saturdays at noon, marriages, baptisms, sponsoring, public relations, education / supervising of all members of the « Domsingschule »

Apart from his work at Brunswick cathedral Gerd-Peter Münden works as temporary lecturer at different musical academies. In 2007 he initiated the festival « Klasse! Wir singen. » with 439.000 singing children. In addition to this Münden is active as composer and conductor. The style of his compositions is influenced by English sacred music and film music.


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