parochial church council Annette Boldt-Stülzebach

Gunhild Salbert


Annette Boldt-Stülzebach is chairman of the parochial church council
Besides the two reverend it consists of 8 more menbers. The cathedral's parish is a classical parochial parish and a personal parish,too, that means a parish of men and women from different parts of the town who have become members of the cathedral's parish because of their special relationship to the cathedral.
This is why the tasks of the cathedral parish council is different from many other ones. It supports the cathedral's work in the city centre, works with senior citizens outside the parish, keeps contact to the Greek-Orthodox parish in Brunswick and with the « Löwendome » in Lübeck, Ratzeburg and Schwerin and takes part in their meetings once a year. There are mutual visits with Bath-Abbey parish members. A special group serves to prepare these visits and to care for he guests. The parochial church council is specially interested and engaged in the cathedral's music, consequently one of its members is member of the « company for financial support of church musical work's promotion at Brunswick cathedral. » Lastly members of the parochial church council are members of the regional church's synods , Brunswick canonry and the cathedral' s board of trustees.


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