International partnerships

I. Within the twinning Brunswick-Bath - (U.K.) Brunswick cathedral maintains a close partnership with Bath Abbey (, which in the last years emphasized the memory of « good and bad times » in German-English relationship. There were impressive meetings in 1994 in Brunswick when the bombing and destruction of our town was remembered with a service at 2 a. m. - it was the Rector of Bath Abbey who preached – not to forget VE-DAY in 1995, the 50th anniversary of Germany's defeat when cathedral Dean Joachim Hempel preached in Bath Abbey . Now we are going to intensify the contacts between the current parochial church councils, church music, children and young people

For many years Lutheran-Protestant regional church in Braunschweig and Blackburn diocese of the Church of England foster relations. Since some years there have been contacts between the Bishops' churches; Blackburn and Brunswick cathedral work together within the Citypastorale and intercultural dialogue. Blackburn Cathedral

II. Concerning welfare and social work Brunswick cathedral supports the project « 1000 children and no shoes » in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia). This cooperation which began with personal contacts helps the Protestant parish of German language in Ethiopia with a big school project for children in slums. Over the years groups of the cathedral have come to Ethiopia among others to bring the amount of € 250,000 for Help for self-help.

III. There are intense contacts with Palestinian Christs in Bethlehem in the Holy Land . Crib wood carvers from Beit Sahour are guests in Brunswick cathedral during « Christmas Market » and help by these close contacts to keep awake the situation of Christians in The Holy Land.

IV. Within the « Löwendome » (Henry the Lion's cathedrals) there are close contacts with the cathedrals of Schwerin, Ratzeburg, and Lübeck. Besides that there are contacts with Magdeburg cathedral.

V. There is good neighbourhood with the Greek-Orthodox parish, the Armenian-Orthodox and the Coptic-Orthodox churches as well as with the Roman-Catholic deanery.

VI. The cathedral's international guests are welcomed in more than 21 different languages (English French, Russian, Chineese, Korean, Finish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Armenian, Arabian, Slovenian). For the folders you can contact the cathedral's office.

Internationale Partnerschaft und gute Nachbarschaft

International partnership and good neighbourhood


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Bath-Rose (2000)

Bath-Rose (2000)