The word for everyday

The short prayers during the 5-minute-prayer in Brunswick cathedral in good biblical tradition are called « the word for everyday ».

« The word for everyday » meant the courageous attempt at the end of the 1960ties not only to open a Protestant church within Brunswick but as well to invite to a daily prayer. «It's clear, nobody will come...» quite the opposite! Until today people have come in any day, whether in strong rain or on icy days, in summer heat or in holiday period. People like this daily struggling for « a word at the right moment ». For a few minutes different people come together- may be just by curiosity, or for another « word at the right moment », or just for having a look in, or by passing- by- between good habits and acquaintance by pure chance – everything is possible.

« The word for everyday » considers itself in the Biblical tradition of Old Testament's wisdom literature and of the stories of daily life that make Jesus Christ to stories of the encounter with God. It's the attempt to translate the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ into daily life and daily routine of people. It has to do with wisdom and knowledge, with faith and understanding.

« The word for everyday » finishes with prayer and blessing framed by organ music and chorals from Prostestant hymn book. The daily ringing of the bells announcing the short prayer has become an elementary part of city life. Visitors to the cathedral and passers-by can take the word with them on papers distributed at the entrance or can listen to them dialling .... +49.(0)531.1 79 80.

Further information:

« the word for everyday »at the telephone:

dialling: +49.(0)531.1 79 80
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